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A release form will be signed by each client upon arrival before hunt begins.

No guarantees on kills. We guarantee active bait sites.
No Refunds. Deposits can be transferred to another year or date if requested more than 30 days prior to scheduled hunt.


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Sportsman’s Pride Outfitters LLC also offers fully guided trophy moose hunts in Maine and New Brunswick Canada. Both hunts are on a draw basis to obtain a tag. Contact Maine fish and wildlife and DNR in New Brunswick for info on how to apply. Both can be found on the web. For detailed info or answers to all your questions on how to apply, odds of drawing, etc.  Please contact me directly over the phone.

We conduct our Maine moose hunts in zone 3. We live in the heart of the area and we offer a truly unique moose hunting experience.

What separates us from the rest? Besides the fact that we are a full time operation and offer personalized one on one hunts, you have the opportunity to hunt moose over food plots specifically planted for moose. We concentrate our efforts in zone 3 only, unlike other outfitters that hire guides in other zones and play the numbers game for the money. We have great private farm country that is truly a unique, one of a kind moose hunting experience. We own our own farm and have large comfortable shooting houses. Food plots cannot be seen from any road or hunted by anyone else. We plant oats, clovers and various brassicas which include rape, broccoli, turnips and sugar beets. It offers them the nutrition they need and draws and holds them like a magnet. We also have mineral sights that give them all the nutrition they need.


This is a true trophy hunting opportunity. We only want our mature bulls, 7-10 years old (which will have a dressed weight of between 850-1100 lbs.) harvested, along with our mature cows (which will dress from 700-850 lbs.). We have owned and managed our farm for 4 years now and only have harvested 3 cows off of it. I have not hunted for bulls yet. I have seen and documented photos of over 25 different bulls with a few true trophy bulls available.

If you want to ride around in a pick-up for the week, hunting basically public land, hunt with the rest .If you want private land trophy hunting, hunt with us. Over 90% of the moose harvested in Maine every year are hunted by riding the roads on paper company land (basically public land). You will be amongst all other moose hunters. Most of zone 3 never gets hunted. The majority of zone 3 is private farm country. We offer hunts on our own farm and also hunt other private farms. We do a lot of calling and we hunt long and hard. I basically think moose are like hunting a thousand pound turkey. When the rut is kickin and you know how to call, it is as exciting as it gets.

If you are a bow hunter, you need guides that bow hunt and know how to get in close. Decoys, a lot of calling and raking brush to intimidate trophy bulls are all techniques that we employ.

We encourage the use of muzzleloaders, pistols and archery equipment. We will cater to you to suite your style of hunting to obtain your trophy of a lifetime. If you like to spot and stalk, we have access to lots of private country. September and October seasons are peak of the rut and November season is 100% about the food.

From the moment your moose hits the ground it will be taken care of as professionally as possible. We have two local meat cutters we utilize. (one vacuum seals the other does not)  or you can bring your meat home to be processed  by you. Your moose will be frozen for your ride home. I also am a full time taxidermist when not guiding hunters. If you choose to leave your moose, we ship anywhere. 

We provide a fully guided hunt, lodging and meals. Included are 6 days of hunting and 7 nights lodging. Sub-permitees/alternate/non hunting guest $400.00 (covers lodging/meals).             


Maine Moose Lottery



Ed Miller see references & testemonial page


690# mature cow taken from my farm in 2009





$3500.00 Bull Hunts

$1800.00 Cow Hunts

I take only a limited number of clients.        

New Brunswick Moose Hunting

The N.B. moose hunts are conducted on crown land in zone 3. The hunts are a three day season. Always the last Thur.,Fri.,Sat. of September during the peak of the rut. You will hunt very remote areas with many mature bulls.

You actually have a better chance of drawing a moose tag in N.B. than you do in Maine. The hunt is fully guided, including lodging at our Canadian camps, meals, trophy prep, etc.

Call me for more details.

Price: $2500.00





Food Plot
Brassicca and oats in Oct. Only lush green vegetation around for miles in Oct and Nov. Every other natural vegetation is mature and brown. This is what draws moose like a magnet.


Shooting House