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A release form will be signed by each client upon arrival before hunt begins.

No guarantees on kills. We guarantee active bait sites.
No Refunds. Deposits can be transferred to another year or date if requested more than 30 days prior to scheduled hunt.


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2.6 million acres of virgin crown land with no competition from other outfitters. A bear hunting paradise. We operate in the northern most part of the province of New Brunswick, bordered on two side by parks in Quebec. Do not mistake this area with other over hunted areas in the province. Virgin country means home to some huge bears. We try to advocate the harvest of mature bears only. You have to let the little bears walk to have a chance to harvest mature bears. All sows with cubs are protected. Expect to see between 5 and 15 bears on your hunt. We keep strict records of bears seen and we weigh every bear harvested.

100% shot opportunity

Maximum 3 clients per guide. Contact me for spot and stalk opportunities for early spring hunts. One on one hunts.


A passport or passport card to re-enter the US thru a land border will be needed. We also take care of all necessary paper work needed to cross back and forth across the border for you and your bear. A smooth transition.

Baits are strategically placed along travel corridors, drainage and natural food sources with a minimum of 3 to 5 miles by GPS between baits guaranteeing different bears on all bait sites. We mainly bait with fresh meat trimmings, fish, fresh grain and breads, chocolates and pie filling, donuts and a lot of fryer grease. I guarantee nobody baits with better bait or as much product as we do. Many testimonials to prove it see page Testimonials and references.

We are constantly receiving new tractor trailer loads of bait in to replenish our stock and sell to other outfitters. We are constantly monitoring wind directions for our bear hunts to give you a great chance day after day to see optimum # of bears at bait site.

Canadian baits are baited in mid  November  when bears are sleeping for our spring hunts. Bears have bait when they exit their dens .
We hunt 3 or 4 prime weeks in the spring and keep our clientele numbers down per week providing a family like camp and atmosphere - 6 per week. Spring hunts are firearms or archery. We hunt last week of May and first 3 weeks of June. Prime time for spring bears.   Our Canadian hunts are conducted out of home made pop-ups, factory pop-ups, ladder stands, portable or custom tri-pod stands. We accommodate  every hunters needs.

Fall hunts are conducted last 2 weeks of September (archery only) - 6 per week. **New**crossbows are now legal.

Fishing Available

Great brook trout fishing in local lakes and ponds and also rivers both small and large. A canoe or car topper for lakes and ponds is recommended. We also have a couple of canoes/john boats for your use. Rivers can all be fished by wading. 50 to 100 fish a day is not uncommon. All local rules and regulations must be followed on allotted fish kills. Fresh native brookies and bear roasts are cooked every week.


Our cooking staff will provide you with mouth watering home cooked meals.

Lodging is a very comfortable modern camp. We get cell phone service at our camp.

Trophy Care

We provide complete trophy care including skinning, quartering and freezing of meat and hide. I am a professional taxidermist with 22 years of experience. I know how to skin and mount bears. Other camps will skin your bear for a rug and then your taxidermist back home will have a mess on his hands.

Price: Spring and Fall $2250.00 plus license (185 CND)



Pat Charest
In memory of Pat Charest 1939-2012


image 2

Paul Gunter, Texas
19 1/4" P & Y Bear


A couple of our homemade pop ups




Some of the country in Canada


Some of the country in Canada







All New Brunswick licenses and tags are obtained through us and we will have them here upon arrival.