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Two Bear Limit on New Brunswick Hunts!


About the Outfitter


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Keith Cote will be your outfitter and perhaps guide for the week on your hunt. He has been guiding hunters   professionally since 1993 and has hunted and fished his entire life. He has a passion for bow hunting and firearms hunting. His experience with bears and moose is vast. He has personally taken 23 bears with a bow and many others with firearms. Many of his bears would have qualified for the record books, but putting his name amongst many others is just not his style. He truly loves to take people on a hunting adventure in the North Country to share his knowledge and experience. Before he got into the outfitting business, he had personally been on quite a few guided bear hunts, some successful, some not. He has learned along the way what a hunter should expect from an outfitter and believes he knows what to offer.


Keith is a full time outfitter and taxidermist. You will not find a more up front and honest outfitter/ guide in the industry. He does not thrive to be the biggest outfitter in the industry, just one of the best. When not guiding he is doing Taxidermy  and  Meat smoking services. He surrounds himself with the finest staff/ equipment possible.

His guides are all non-smokers and have worked for Sportsman’s Pride for a long time. No high turnover rate here. They will work very hard for you for the week that you are here.

He wants to personally thank each and every client that has been with him in the past and wants to welcome new clientele for the future to make lasting memories with.

From Keith and his staff, the fabulous guides, Bob, Guy, Eric and the great cook Monique


Yours in hunting,

Keith Cote