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Two Bear Limit on New Brunswick Hunts!



Our hunts are fully guided , meals and lodging is  included . All of our bear hunts are baited hunts. We hunt an area over 4 million acres in size of crown land with no other competition from other outfitters.  It is a bear hunting paradise. We operate in the most northern area of the province bordered on two sides by a zec in Quebec and a reserve in Quebec that do not get bear hunted. Do not mistake this area of New Brunswick or Eastern Canada with other areas. There is no hunting pressure on these bears. Virgin country means home to lots of bears and some truly giant old mature bears. We try to advocate the harvesting of only mature bears. All sows with cubs are protected.  Success while hunting over bait is determined a great deal by the weather. Bears, especially spring bears, do not move and feed good when they have wet , windy or cold weather. They hit bait really good with high pressure and lots of  sunshine . We weigh every bear we kill to keep records and to educate you about black bears. Hunting with us is truly an education.

Black bear

See our Frequently asked questions and answers page for a lot of great hunting info. Our average weight of our bears in our camp is between 170 and 210 # . A lot of that is determined by you the hunters. You often times  have to pass up the little bears to get to the mature ones. All of the baits we hunt have mature bears on the bait sites. Our baits are baited with lots of bait. See our Bear Bait  page. Baits are spread out over huge territory ranging from 3 to 5 miles apart on avg. With over 4 million acres to work on we rotate areas so we always have lots of bears. We have on avg. 40 to 50 baits being fed at any time.

We utilize the use of ground blinds , both natural set ups and pop ups or my  own custom blinds I build. Ladder stands, tripods and some portables. We cater to the hunters specific needs. Hunting over bait sites is the most relaxing style hunt you will go on. We make you comfortable for your 5 to 6 hour sit. We have plenty of archery , crossbow and firearm set ups.

Black bear

We normally run 100% on sightings of bears and around 80 to 90 % on kills. We are very aggressive about hunting wind direction and moving you guys around every day to optimize shot opportunities on mature bears.

Second bear tags are available after I register your first bear.
We hunt 4 prime weeks in the spring during the bear rut , last week of May, first 3 weeks of June and we normally hunt the first 3 weeks of Sept. on our fall hunts. Both archery equipment including crossbows and firearms can be used during our spring or fall hunts.

We only take 6 clients per week .  Max is 3 to a guide so you get a really personalized hunting experience. Guides are smoke free and all equipment used is top notch. I have 2 new ¾ ton Chevrolet crew cabs .

From the moment you arrive here at my place in Maine we basically hold you by the hand for the week , from crossing the border , all paperwork and getting you back across the border is done by us. If you are a u.s citizen the only thing you need to go back and fourth across the border here is a copy of your birth certificate and a drivers license. If you have a passport or border crossing card bring it , however it is not required.

We get 1000.00 deposit to book all of our hunts. Balances are due upon arrival. Call me for pricing. No Refunds on Deposits however date can be changed for that calender year if done at least 60 days prior to arrival. 

All meals and lodging in a new modern camp is provided. Full electricity and hot water from a deep well is provided. You will get cell phone service while at camp.
We provide complete trophy care of your bears from professional skinning and meat. We have freezers at camp. We also have been doing taxidermy for over 30 years. We ship bears and moose all over the U.S. We also provide meat smoking services. See our Taxidermy and meat smoking pages. Most bear hunting operations from guides to owners only know how to skin a bear one way. For a rug.   You have to skin life-size, half bodies, shoulder mounts and rugs all differently. This is very important in getting the mount done correctly.

If you have been on a bear hunt , or have not been, and its on your bucket list come give us a try and I guarantee you will not be disappointed in the hunt you receive from us. We work lots of long hours prepping prior to your arrival and will work very hard during your stay with us to give you the bear hunt of a lifetime. See our Testimonials & References page. It speaks volumes about our operation.       




Pat Charest
In memory of Pat Charest 1939-2012


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Paul Gunter, Texas
19 1/4" P & Y Bear

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