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Two Bear Limit on New Brunswick Hunts!








New Brunswick and Maine   

All New Brunswick and Maine moose hunts are on a draw basis. Both hunts are top notch trophy moose hunts. We run 100% success rates on moose hunts. In Maine you can draw either a bull or cow tag.   We hunt zone 3 here in Maine. If you draw a tag for another zone and want to hunt with us, contact me and I can help you change zones to zone 3. In Maine, with other outfitters, all the moose hunting is basically done on mostly public land where you will drive around for 6 days and hunt the clear cuts from a pickup.




With us we hunt 2 ways. One way is I plant food plots on my own farm specifically for moose with  various brassicas, oats, clovers and alfalfa. It is a magnet for them. Once all the natural vegetation starts to die off I am the only green food left for them in this entire area. Its an unbelievable site.  The second way we hunt them is we also have access to lots of private farm ground here where I live and we get after them calling and hunting moose the way I think they should be hunted. We  get away from other hunters in very private areas. We cater to the specific hunters wants and physical requirements.


In New Brunswick it is truly a moose hunters dream come true. Its just a matter of getting a tag and choosing the right outfitter.  Over 4 million acres of big timber with huge cut over areas and lots of secret hidden places where we have salt/ mineral licks and lots af mature bull moose. Just draw a tag and get a hold of me and we will take you on a trophy moose hunt of a lifetime. I have a huge edge, I am in the timber all summer feeding bears and hunting bears right up until your moose hunt begins. I know where there are really  high moose densities and where the giants are .   
To apply for both spots go to their respective websites .

Maine fish and wildlife and N.B  D.N.R. They generally start accepting applications after the first of the year. Drawings are early summer.

Call me for more details.


Ed Miller see references & testemonial page






Food Plot
Brassicca and oats in Oct. Only lush green vegetation around for miles in Oct and Nov. Every other natural vegetation is mature and brown. This is what draws moose like a magnet.


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